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". . . exquisite performance with a good balance between group and solo dynamics and instrumental breaks."

"While they can assert their virtuosity in the manner of Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross with the gusto of their tricky unison figures, they sound even better with their polyphonic harmonies and their a cappella stylings."

~ Cadence Magazine

"Singers Unlimited for the 21st Century!"


"This is serious a word, VOICE TREK is terrific. The five-part ensemble singing - the harmonies, the blend, the phrasing, the technique -- is world class."

~ Jon Bream
Minneapolis Star Tribune

"These five remarkable vocal musicians posess the talent and skills to transform their instruments into any sound or genre they desire, and transport themselves and their listeners anywhere hoped for."

~ Criterion Jazz Review

"Watch with care, Voice Trek, as they make their mark from their home base in St. Paul/Minneapolis. Their arrangements and voicings interpolate the brass and reeds of the big band with precision, special blend and vocal dynamics which will knock your socks off!"

~ Leigh Kamman
Minnesota Public Radio, The Jazz Image