"I don't know where you would find an ensemble that performs with more energy and precision. What a thrill to experience music at this level!"

~ Jack Weldon, Former Director
Teikyo Marycrest University

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At Last

Club House Records

  1. Yesterdays
  2. Nina
  3. Jamaica Farewell
  4. Not Like This
  5. La Fiesta
  6. Mickey's Diner
  7. Peace
  8. At Last

"I love a cappella gospel and doo-wop vocal groups, but have never been predisposed to Jazz vocal harmony groups. This CD is exquisitely performed with a good balance between group and solo dynamics and instrumental breaks. While they can assert their virtuosity in the manner of Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross with the gusto of their tricky unison figures in Mickeys Diner, to the cluttered overkill of "You're Everything", they sound the best when such skills get understated as in the polyphonic harmonies of "Yesterdays", their a cappella "Not Like This" and brash interpretation of "La Fiesta". To my delight I liked this project that I was predisposed to despise. Recommended to admirers of Jazz vocal harmony groups!"

~ Cadence Magazine

"Voice Treks beautiful and exciting music-making makes the listener wish for a return to the close-harmony vocalizing that has been pretty much out of style! The wait for this CD is worth it for fans of vocal jazz."

~ Bob Protzman from KBEM-FM Minneapolis

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