"I don't know where you would find an ensemble that performs with more energy and precision. What a thrill to experience music at this level!"

~ Jack Weldon, Former Director
Teikyo Marycrest University

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The Lord's Prayer

Ave Maria Press

  1. The Lord's Prayer

    (Albret Hay Malotte)
  2. Adoro Te Devote 

    (Thomas Aquinas)
  3. Agnus Dei  (Maurice Durufle)
  4. Sanctus  (Gabrial Faure)
  5. Pange Lingua  (Thomas Aquinas)
  6. Tantum Ergo  (Gabriel Faure)
  7. Panis Angelicus

    (Cesar Franck)
  8. Ave Maria

    (Charles Gounod/J.S. Bach)
  9. Ubi Caritas

    (Maurice Durufle)
  10. In Paradisum  (Gabrial Faure)
  11. The Lord Bless You & Keep You  (John Rutter)

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